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Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Adolf Did

::: John M. Golden

Or, Schindler's List in Slapstick ::: Click here to read the full text.

Posted by: editor on Mar 05, 2006 | 10:54 pm

::: pheedback :::

I quite liked your article.
Two points. ^^


Posted by: Lips on Mar 10, 06 | 4:09 pm ::: Profile


I read your article with great interest. Several years ago, I wrote a piece for Bright Lights Film Journal:

which might interest you. What you hit squarely on the head, I touched on briefly. It seemed to me that associating the Toontown residents with the Holocaust wasn't that farfetched. I was dealing, primarily, with the Zemeckis-Spielberg way of handling historical material.

Best Regards,

Bob Castle (a past Metaphilm contributor)

Posted by: Bob Castle on Mar 06, 06 | 10:41 am ::: Profile

Judge Doom was the name of the chief bad guy in the film. Pull your head out then reread the article and my post. This has nothing to do with the video game.

Posted by: Jim Rovira on Mar 06, 06 | 8:07 am ::: Profile

Doom? Yes, there should be more room for murder-lust and demon-spawn in our 'melting pot'. You obviously know nothing about Doom: it's a game. And Roger Rabbit is a cartoon. Yosemite Sam? Who sympathizes with that hate-filled slay-monger? He'd be just as happy to kill Roger Rabbit as anyone! Oh's a *cartoon*, where one can dispense all the violence one likes without consequence. Same with Doom... it's a *video game*. Infinite lives, infinite banality. I find the analogies in the article to be compelling, but comparing "Doom" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is like comparing "Super Mario Brothers" and "The Sopranos": more than a bit of a stretch, and an insulting one at that.

Posted by: Chozo Abigaba on Mar 06, 06 | 5:26 am ::: Profile

Good article. You could say that Doom's attempt to eradicate diversity for homogenity is another characteristic of Hitler's fascism.

I'm proud to say that I was the first person to read this after it was published, as there were zero hits when I clicked on the article :)

Jim R.

Posted by: Jim Rovira on Mar 05, 06 | 11:05 pm ::: Profile

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